At Pioneer Podiatry Mackay and Sarina, our focus is YOU.

When you visit a Pioneer Podiatry clinic, we promise:

  • We will listen to you, and work with you, to achieve your goals

  • You will be seen on time

  • All of our treatment and advice will be of the highest standard

  • We will deliver our service with a caring and friendly manner

Why choose Pioneer Podiatry?

We offer a professional podiatric service in Mackay and Sarina for all of your family needs. If you are looking for any of the following, we’re the ones to see!

  • High quality personalised and professional care that you can trust

  • A locally owned and operated practice

  • The latest cutting edge technology in orthotic manufacture and gait analysis

  • Experienced podiatrists with many years of practice

We welcome all patients including:

  • Private patients (with in-clinic private health rebates).

  • Medicare EPC (Care plans)

  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs Referrals

  • Workcover Cases


A welcome message from our CEO Phil Marshman

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"Are you ready to get to the cause of your problems, and not just treat the symptoms?"

Why see a Podiatrist?

Podiatrists are university-trained health professionals who deal exclusively with the foot and lower limb. This includes areas such as paediatrics (children), diabetes, sports injuries, structural problems, elderly and general foot care.

“Did you know that it is estimated that our feet will carry us about 130,000 kilometres over a lifetime?”

It’s also important to remember that pain in other parts of the body can be related to the feet. For example, knee, hip and back pain is sometimes relieved by treating the mechanics of your feet.

Pioneer Podiatry specialises in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of foot and related lower limb problems for all the family.

We know that every foot is different and we have the experience to provide you with the solution that will best suit your needs.

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