Women’s Foot Health

Women’s feet are quite different to men’s feet – women usually have a broader forefoot and narrower heel and have more flexible feet and ankles compared to men.

Women tend to suffer more regularly from foot pain and are also more vulnerable to certain foot problems. This is largely due to the wearing of narrow fitting shoes that squeeze the toes together and from high heels that cramp the forefoot and pose risk for arch and ankle problems.

Other reasons women may suffer from foot and lower limb problems:

  • Broader hips (increased Q angle) which places greater strain on the knees and feet
  • Women tend to have smaller feet then men, but may carry just as much body weight
  • Women tend to spend every waking hour of the day on their feet, from early morning chores to cooking and cleaning at night time
  • During pregnancy, women carry extra weight on their lower extremity and have the hormone Relaxin racing through their body making them more flexible and prone to injury
  • Contraceptive Pill may increase risk of ligament type injuries
  • For some women menopause may increase risk of musculoskeletal and joint pain

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