Why choose Pioneer Podiatry as your provider of choice for specialist foot and leg pain treatment?

We have the training, expertise and equipment to give your patients the best medical care, for the best results. We use world-leading treatments, state-of-the-art facilities, and the best evidence-based protocols. And being locally owned and directed, you can trust us to go the extra mile.
— Phil Marshman, Director and Practice Principal

What is the Referrer Portal?

Our Referral Portal is your online source for foot and leg injury Clinical Treatment Guides (CTGs), including treatment protocols and tests, demonstration videos, and clinical resource downloads. We want to share our expertise in treating the most common foot and leg conditions that you will see in your clinics, to empower you to make the best decisions for your patients. 

How do I access the Referrer Portal?

Click here to get instant access to the login page. We want to keep in touch and keep you in the loop with new content as we create it, so we have a form to set up your account access (name, email address and practice name). Once you have access, you can bookmark the portal and use this as a resource for treatment decisions when you have patients with the most common foot and leg conditions you are likely to see. 

What is in the Referrer Portal?

  • Clinical Treatment Guides for some of the most common foot and leg conditions seen in primary care.

  • PDF downloads for treatment guides and info sheets (coming soon!)

  • Videos of clinical tests for you to learn and apply on your patients to better diagnose common conditions.


Phil Marshman- Podiatrist

Philip graduated from Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelors Degree of Health Science (Podiatry). Since then, he has gained a broad experience working in both the public and private health sectors, treating a broad range of patients. 

Phil enjoys all aspects of podiatry, and is experienced with treatment of the full spectrum of foot and lower leg conditions, including ingrown nails, sports injuries, routine foot care, paediatrics (children). He has a particular interest in learning and keeping up to date with the latest research on the bio-mechanics of foot and lower leg function. 

As a long term resident of the Mackay region, Philip enjoys the beautiful climate and environment of this area, and he enjoys being active. Interests include standup paddle-boarding, distance running, goat farming, and spending time having adventures with his wife and children.

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Rachel Sheedy - Podiatrist

Rachel is a University of Newcastle trained podiatrist with a Bachelors Degree in Podiatry. Rachel has a keen interest in paediatric podiatry (fixing foot pain in children), as well as performing surgical procedures for ingrowing toenails. Rachel is a firm advocate for multidisciplinary health care, and comes from a family that includes a physiotherapist and a chiropractor, giving her a broad insight into working within a team to achieve the best results for our patients.

Rachel also leads our chronic disease service at the Mackay Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health Service.

When not helping patients in our clinics, Rachel enjoys keeping active at the gym, and participating in team sports such as basketball and touch football.


Jeremy Lin - Podiatrist

Jeremy is a Queensland University of Technology graduate with a Bachelors Degree of Health Science (Podiatry).

Jeremy brings to our team his passion for treating foot and leg pain, and consults at both our Mackay and Sarina flagship clinics, as well as running specialist outreach clinics in Bowen, Collinsville.

Jeremy has experience in both private practice, and public health care. Jeremy also specialises in the surgical treatment of nail disorders, including permanent surgical cures for ingrowing toenails (partial nail avulsion with matrix phenolisation).

When not helping patients by fixing their foot pain, Jeremy enjoys working out at the gym, and is a keen musician.


Bindy Mistry - Podiatrist

Bindy is a graduate of the University of Northampton in the UK with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Podiatry. She brings to our team a wealth of experience in the NHS, working in the public sector treating high risk patients.

Her work in the NHS has given her significant experience in management of the more complicated diabetic foot problems. Bindy enjoys all aspects of podiatry, and is experienced with treatment of the full spectrum of foot and lower leg conditions, including ingrown nails, fungal nail infections, workplace and occupational injuries, routine foot care, and paediatrics (children). Bindy also leads our outreach services to our outreach sessional clinics in the greater Mackay region.

Bindy has family and friends all over the world, but has chosen to live here in the Mackay region to add her expertise and passion to our team, and to enjoy our beautiful region and climate. When not fixing foot pain in clinic, Bindy enjoys adventuring and travel, and loves to snorkel and scuba dive.

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