Footwear Prescription and Shoe Advice

This video from our director Phil Marshman is on the 3 Point Shoe Test. This test is helpful when deciding on which shoes to choose to best support your feet when exercising.

Do you find it difficult to find shoes to fit your feet?

Tips on choosing trail running shoes for running non paved trail and tracks, or other off-road hiking

Or are you suffering from reoccurring injuries, and you think your shoes might be to blame?

This video explains what is different between cheap and expensive shoes, and how that could affect foot and leg pain.

As Podiatrists, we know feet. We've seen it all, and we know someone with the same problems you are suffering with right now. When it comes to footwear, we can give you the right advice to make sure you get the right shoes for the task, whatever that might be.

We provide a range of customised and orthopaedic footwear, including sandals to fit orthotics, extra wide and extra deep footwear for hard to fit feet. These include shoes to suit people with diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, or peripheral neuropathy.

We also can provide specialised running and sports footwear advice for athletes looking for an edge when training or competing. We can guide you in making decisions about minimalist footwear, or in choosing footwear for different training surfaces or different sporting codes. 

We can also source and fit shoes for work including extra wide steel toe work boots, and advise you on what shoes are best for different work environments.

If you are lost in the shoe racks and unsure which footwear to pick, make an appointment with one of our specially trained foot doctors to help you make the right choice the first time.

Podiatrists Bindy and Phil talk about how to find good shoes to wider foot types

Brands we stock and recommend

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Ok, who's about to head out to do the "back to school" shopping? Watch this video before you hit the shoe shops, to make sure you get the right shoes to prevent injuries and to last the distance!
Phil gives a brief run down in the Hoka One One shoes, how they work and who they are good for.