Posterior Tibial muscle exercise


tennis ball 1.jpg

Why Do This Exercise?
To strengthen the posterior tibial muscle.

How To Do This Exercise? 

  1. With the involved foot placed over the opposite knee, loop an elastic band around the middle of the forefeet, and down under the other foot on the ground.  You will feel tension from the band pulling the involved upper forefoot downwards.
  2. Point toes the toes of the affected foot downwards.
  3. While maintaining this "toes pointed down" position, pull the foot up towards the roof, like you are trying to get the whole bottom of the foot facing the ceiling. It should take 5 seconds to get to foot slowly to this end position.
  4. Hold this position for 5 seconds.
  5.  Slowly release the foot back to the starting position. Don't let it slap back! Be sure to return to starting position slowly in a controlled manner. 
  6. Repeat this as many times as instructed by your podiatrist.

How Often?
5 seconds up, 5 seconds hold, then 5 seconds down,

repeat ……. Times, 1 2 3 times daily