Custom Foot Orthotics


What are custom orthotics?

Custom orthotics are specially made medical in-shoe device which we make to correct problems with how your foot may be functioning. They enable us to reduce tissue stress to let injured parts of your foot or leg to heal. They also enable us to prevent further injury, and prevent your current injury from reoccurring. 

How are custom orthotics made?

At Pioneer Podiatry, we use the latest cutting edge technology to make your custom foot orthoses. We use various methods to obtain a 3D model of your foot, including optical scans, plaster cast or foam impression, whichever is most appropriate for your situation.

We then digitally edit this model with CAD software to add the specific variables necessary for the treatment of your condition.

Generally your orthotics will be ready within two weeks for fitting into the appropriate shoes.

Do custom orthotics work?

The use of arch supports has been used in medicine for over 100 years to effectively treat many conditions. From simple beginnings, the science of bio-mechanics has increasingly evolved to enhance the understanding of the effective use of custom orthotics in today’s evidence based medicine.

At Pioneer Podiatry, we strive for ethical and evidence based care and have the experience and technology to design you the best device available, using the materials best suited to your needs, and not just what suits us!

How do orthotics work?

Orthotic therapy works by reducing stress/ strain in symptomatic tissues. This is why custom orthotics are usually preferable to generic arch supports, because they are specifically designed for your foot and your injury.

Custom foot orthoses, when constructed correctly, should provide you with many years of use.

What does it cost to get custom orthotics?

As a general guide, the total treatment cost for one pair of custom orthotics will be between $600-$800, depending on the type of orthotic made, materials used, assessments required and the number of consultations necessary.

Generally, a pair of custom orthotics should last at least two years, but the average life span is more like three to five years. It is not uncommon to see orthotics that are ten years old still going strong!

Private health rebates are provided by most health funds to contribute towards the cost of custom orthotics. Contact your health fund directly if you wish to know if you are covered.