Couch to 5k Running plan


Want to be able to run 5 kilometers? Haven’t run for a while, or ever? Have you tried before and given up? That’s ok! We’ve helped hundreds of couch potatoes become confident and capable runners, and we know you can do it! With the right support and advice, we will have you up and running (pun intended) in no time!

What does the running plan include?

  • A printable running plan to put on the fridge, with day by day training instructions.

  • A weekly email from our team of podiatrists, with tips and advice, and to check in on your progress.

  • One-on-one email support from our team of podiatrists, if needed.

What does it cost?

  • Nothing. Zero dollars. We just want to see you do it.

What does the running plan NOT include

  • We can’t give specific diagnosis or treatment advice on medical conditions or injuries unless we see you in clinic as a patient (standard consultation fees apply for this).

How do I sign up?!

Sign up here! We need you email address to send the plan and you weekly emails. We won’t annoy you, we promise.

Couch to 5k Running Plan- Sign up!

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