Does your child have foot or leg pain?

Everyday we treat many children with foot and leg pain. Foot and leg pain in children is NOT NORMAL and in almost every case it can be fixed. The term "growing pains" is now being revealed for what it has always been, a pseudonym for the "too hard basket"! 

Our mission is to make sure no child suffers with foot pain that can be fixed.

Does your child have...

  • Pain anywhere in the foot, heel, arch, ankle, leg, knee, hip, or lower back?

  • Pain that is worse after running or exercise, or a busy day at school?

  • Pain at bed time, which keeps him or her awake, or requires pain medication to fall asleep?

  • Pain that you have been told that they will "grow out of"?

  • Any abnormal walking (gait) styles, such and pigeon toed (in-toeing), bow legged, duck walking (abducted), tripping, or falling regularly?

  • Any limitations in their sport training or competition that is due to foot or leg problems?

  • Ingrowing toenails or plantar warts?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you should bring your child to see one of our highly trained foot doctors for expert diagnosis and treatment. We love looking after kids, and we know how to make them feel comfortable and to have a great experience of seeing the foot doctor.

We see kids from birth right through to adulthood, and treating problems in childhood can prevent much worse complications as an adult. Don't put up with "growing pains" anymore, come and get the right diagnosis and treatment so they can get back to being kids and having fun!


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