Does your 10-year-old have heel pain?!

Everyday we treat many children with foot and leg pain. Foot and leg pain in children is NOT NORMAL and in almost every case it can be fixed. The term "growing pains" is now being revealed for what it has always been, a pseudonym for the "too hard basket"!

Our mission is to make sure no child suffers with foot pain that can be fixed.

When the School Holidays come around, we know that for teachers and families of school aged children, this means trying to get a lot of things done that have been waiting for a while! These School Holidays, we have a special No Gap offer and priority appointments make it easier our hard working teachers and students get help with any foot pain or foot problems that you, or your child, may be having.

If walking and standing is causing you foot pain, then let us help you!

Phil and Jeremy explain what it could be. If you want to get it checked, don’t miss our school holidays No Gap clinic for school kids.