Tips for picking good shoes

Two things we need to remember for picking good shoes:

1. The footwear gives good support

Growing feet is between 5-15 years old. This is when skeletal maturity and muscular changes happen to grow into the full mature size. We need to select good support to prevent injury and have a stable foot support as their feet are growing and changing.

2. Good shoes last a year (approximately 10 months)

Boys are more rough on shoes. Children have a lot of activities in a day, we need to select shoes that would give more stability that will help them support their feet throughout the day. This will minimize the aches and growing pains the children would experience.

How to test for good support or stability:

1. Bend

2. Twist

3. Heel counter squeeze

A shoe that is much stable and has good support, will last longer, shoes with good technology or are well made are mostly between $80-$100.

If your child has foot pain, changing to a good footwear is a good start, however, if it is still an issue, that's why we are here. We fix foot pain all day for children and adults. Give us a call 07 4942 5016.