New Year's Resolutions!

Does your new year’s resolution involve getting more active? Keep reading on! Whether it be running, playing a new sport, joining the gym or just being on your feet more often – walking the dog, walking in the morning and/or afternoon. As ambitious as we are in the new year, some of us run out of time, or even run too much and get hurt; life events unfortunately get in the way or we even get lazy!

If you’re just starting out I like to keep things simple. This could be as simple as 30 minutes of activity everyday (or even every second day) for walking; eventually running up to 5km regularly or just to feel healthier. You’re not only doing this for yourself but you can also share the impact of exercise by feeling better about yourself and in turn perhaps encourage others around you to join or just be in a better mindset, physically and mentally for others.

If you are just getting started I’d suggest slowly building up the amount of activity that you’re doing to prevent any injuries and to avoid from burning out. In the unfortunate events of getting injured such as a sore foot from perhaps going too hard too soon we can certainly give you treatment and advice to keep you on track of your fitness goals!