Warm Feet Matter

If you know anyone who have the tendency to get cold feet during the cold winter weather, then the problem may lie in the shoes and even the socks. In addition to that, some medical conditions may be affecting the circulation and peripheral nerves, which may also lead to feelings of coldness. Whatever the reason may be, quality shoes, socks, and inserts can help tackle this common problem


During winter we tend to keep our feet in shoes more often to stay warm. Unintentionally, improper fitting shoes and tight socks increase the effects of common things that some of us already have (such as bunions and calluses).

Taking care of your feet by having the right shoes and general maintenance is important in the cooler weather. A combination of poor circulation and ill-fitted footwear can cause conditions such as Chilblains (photos above). Other underlying medical conditions in combination with cold weather can cause toes turning white and blue from the arteries (in areas like the toes) to get triggered by the cold, this is known as Raynaud’s syndrome.

How can a Podiatrist help?

Foot care is especially important for people with diabetes, people which feet tend to swell and for those who already have drier skin. This loss of moisture can lead to skin peeling and skin cracking. Those living with chronic paincan be more sensitive to stiffer joints, inflammation and neuropathy.

To manage feet in the colder months, a podiatrist can help you out with footwear advice and general foot care.