Is it a toenail fungal infection?

If your toenails are crackeddiscolouredthicker than they should be or painful, you may wonder if you have a fungal nail infection. The organisms that cause fungal nail infections are the same ones that cause tinea (athletes foot) in the skin.

How does a fungal toenail infection progress?

At first, you may only see a white or yellow spot under your nail. Over time, this spreads and can turn your whole nail white, yellow, green or black.

Your nail may thicken and could be hard to trim. Many people notice that their nail starts to curl up or down or loosens from the nail bed. Or it could become brittle and crumble when you touch it.

It’s easy to ignore fungal nail infections at first, since you may not have any pain. But if left untreated, it can hurt to put any pressure on the area. If an infection gets bad enough, it can even become hard to walk.


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