How to use others' perspective to help you see your vision and achieve your running goals

To achieve great things, we need to be surrounded by people who agree with our vision of the future. But not only do we need them to agree with our vision, we need them to share with us their own unique perspective of that vision, from their own unique position in their life, and in ours.

When talking about the literal use of the word perspective, as Podiatrists, we are experts in viewing human movement and considering its role in health and injury. So obviously, we literally view our patients from several perspectives to assess this. One of the most fun parts of our job is showing people how their own body moves, and showing them how problems with this movement can be a major part of what causes injury.

Just as a car with poor wheel alignment wears out tires, steering and suspension in a quarter of the kilometers, so too does a body with poor biomechanics wear out joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles at a rate that the body cannot endure.

The body is an amazing thing, and the foot itself is very remarkable. A quarter of the bones in the body are below the ankle, not to mention the hundred joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles that are there as well. The forces that act on the tissues in the foot are massive when you consider that your whole body weight is spread over these 5 small bones. And this movement is repeated 5 to 10 thousand times each day! It is easy to see why just a small amount of discrepancy in movement and tissue stress can add up and cause an injury, particularly when doing a very repetitive activity, like running.

Whether you're aiming at a 5k fun run, a 42k marathon, a 108k ultra marathon, our perspective at Pioneer Podiatry is that we are here to help you achieve that, without foot pain. We will find out what your vision is and share it, and give you our unique perspective.