How can Video Gait Analysis be beneficial to you?

Many professionals can benefit from gait analysis. A person's gait is a very powerful indicator of their health. Some people even say that walking speed is the 5th vital sign! That's a pretty powerful statement, but it's true - the speed and cadence of a person's gait can be very telling.

There are three basic stages to the human gait cycle, and it is impossible to view the details of this intricate motion with the naked eye.

With computerised video gait analysis, we are able to break each second of the gait cycle into tiny segments (frames), allowing detailed assessment of the patient’s foot position and overall posture.

Video gait analysis is particularly useful in helping to diagnose conditions associated with running or sport, as well as painful foot and leg conditions of an ‘overuse’ nature.

Using video technology to analyse how the feet responds to every step, our expert podiatrists at Pioneer Podiatry can assess how much your foot pronates - that’s the extent to which the foot naturally rolls inward when you run – and where your foot strikes the ground.