My VA's first encounter!

I have had it with ingrown! I first had one the first time I had my toenails cleaned, trimmed and pedicured at a local beauty shop. It looked good. It was pretty in Royal Blue! But all of that good feeling changed, when I felt a sharp yet dull but tingling pain on the right side of my big right toe! I could not explain what the pain was at that time.

It was tolerable for the first few hours but became a sharp and irritating pain after a few days. I then noticed a small lump or bump on the side skin and just thought maybe it was just due to the cutting and the skin is just adjusting to it. And as I learned more reading about this, yes, I was right. It was the skin and the way the nail was cut. Probably in my case, it was not cut all the way thru and/or was just cut very short on the side. But there was more to it, it could lead to a possible infection. Apparently, it was cut too short and the skin on the sides are starting to cover the corners of my nail thus the bump/lump.

It was difficult to wear closed shoes, it was painful and irritating at that. I had to bear the pain for a few days until it finally subsided to again a tolerable one. I had to wear open footwear like slippers or fit flops, it did help but was required an explanation to the clinic I worked at before.

Good thing it did not lead to an infection. I just had to let it dry and let it heal but I had to suffer the pain and consequences of the wrong cutting of nails.

I could have complained about the attendant at the beauty shop but part of it was my fault for not knowing how I wanted my nails to be cut.

So from now on, I know. I've learned it the hard and painful way. It did grow back like normal and I am now extra careful when I get them done by someone else.

This is a simple tip but really, cutting the nails straight across and not too short (especially on the sides) could save you from the pain and hassle I had to experience.


Above is one of my team's first hand experience of the famous yet annoying problem with Ingrown Toenails. Many of you might have had similar experience with what she had to deal with. We, at Pioneer Podiatry, make sure that you get the right treatment for this. We make sure you will perfectly understand how this happens and give you professional prevention tips. 

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