How to run!

We run for a variety of reasons. Training, weight loss, part of our routine, cardiovascular exercise, stress relief and a lot more.

Running is not only great for the soul, but it's also beneficial to your health. There’s a raft of scientific evidence that proves that regular exercise (150 minutes per week, which is about 30 minutes five times per week)—and running in particular—has health benefits that extend well beyond any pill a doctor could prescribe. Studies have shown that running can help prevent obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, some cancers, and a host of other unpleasant conditions. What’s more, scientists have shown that running also vastly improves the quality of your emotional and mental life, and even helps you live longer.

The idea is to run in a relaxed manner with as little tension as possible. Hold your head high, centered between your shoulders, and your back straight. Imagine your body is hanging from a string that is attached to the top of your head.

Aim for a mid-foot strike. Landing on the middle of your foot is the safest way to land for most recreational runners. Avoid striking the ground with your heel or your forefoot first. Your foot should land below your hips – not out in front of you.

And the most important tip is to find the right shoes.
At Pioneer Podiatry, we help you with that and a lot more!