How does footwear affect our daily lives?

Footwear can often be the cause of foot pain, it can also be the best treatment. Simple as it may seem, wearing the wrong footwear can cause tremendous pain and suffering. 

Women tend to experience more pain due to ill fitting footwear than men, due to the nature of employment requirements and the love of high heels. There is also that fascination to wear shoes that look fashionable, but may not fit properly. 

As a result, many adults wear shoes that are not appropriate for their foot shape and size. Wearing too small shoes puts greater risk for corns, bunions and other deformities that may require surgery to correct. Wearing loose shoes may not provide proper foot support causing leg or even back pain.

Choosing the right footwear will not only help our toes and feet feel comfortable but also lessen the chances of getting future foot problems. 

We can definitely help you determine the best shoe that perfectly fits!

Here is also a quick video on how to choose shoes when going to a shoe store. We hope this will be helpful the next time you shop for shoes!