Do you have Arch Pain?

This is a common condition we see at Pioneer Podiatry. In our clinic, we specialise in diagnosing and treating this condition, and have a special focus on cases that have been chronic and difficult to fix. 

Do you have...

  • Pain in the arch when standing?
  • Pain in the arch the feels like a ripping or tearing sensation?
  • Pain that is worse the first few steps in the morning and after rest periods during the day (like standing up after sitting for lunch, or driving for 20 minutes or more?
  • Pain that gets worse the longer you stand, walk or run, especially barefoot on hard surfaces?
  • Burning, numbness and throbbing in the arch, particularly when resting at night?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, you may have Plantar Fasciitis/ Plantar Fascial tear - which we can treat.

There are also several other conditions that can cause arch pain, and our expert foot doctors are able to diagnose and treat all the various kinds of foot injuries that affect the arch.